Price with VAT (20%): from 1.38 - 1.80 € / m2

Price without VAT: from 1.15 - 1.5 € / m 2


Up to 300 m2 = 1.8 with VAT / m2

Over 300 m2 = 1.75 with VAT / m2

Over 500 m2 = 1.65 € with VAT / m2

Over 1000 m2 = 1.63 with VAT / m2

Over 2000 m2 = 1.5  with VAT / m2

Over 2500 m2 on request

Detection electrically conductive layer for spark tests - perforated


CONTROFOIL - a membrane with the best electrical conductivity in comparison with geotextiles, which in an affordable solution contain only a minimal amount of electrically conductive fibers.


CONTROFOIL - designed for creating a conductive layer under the coating of mPVC-based foil. It provides perfect conditions for HVET spark tests. Used in single-skin flat roofs.

INNOVATION in construction

Innovation is essential for progress. Even the globe is still spinning. That's why we don't sleep either. Good innovation is one that pushes our options and removes our worries.



CONTROFOIL - detection foil and spark test with our spark device "CONTROFOIL DETECTOR" reveals even the smallest leaks in waterproofing.

The best electrical conductivity

CONTROFOIL has the best electrical conductivity compared to other conductive materials. Synthetic conductive geotextiles have a high electrical resistance.



CONTROFOIL is perforated and thus diffusely open. Each roll contains about 2700 pieces of microperforations.

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