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Price with VAT (20%): 4,188.00 €

Price without VAT: 3 490,00 €

Spark detection device with a voltage of 1.0 - 30 kV for testing

the tightness of non-conductive coatings and waterproofing

  • Easily portable and compact

  • The most affordable on the market

  • For every roofer

  • Really light

  • Easy to use and designed for the average user

  • Visual and audible alarm of detected leak

  • Ready for measurement with quality batteries

  • Removable and replaceable batteries

CONTROFOIL DETECTOR is manufactured in accordance with standards

ISO 29601, ISO 2746, NACE SP0274

NACE SP0188 a NACE SP0490.

The "CONTROFOIL DETECTOR" spark device offers a fast and effective possibility of checking the tightness of non-conductive coatings and waterproofing.


The "CONTROFOIL DETECTOR" spark device requires that the test surface be completely dry and free of moisture.

  • Voltage range: 1 to 30 kV DC

  • Coating thickness range: 0.2 - 25.6 mm

  • Equipment weight: 1.25 kg

  • Equipment dimensions: 172 x 85 x 235 mm

  • Handle weight: 165 g

  • Handle dimensions: 200 x 50 x 50 mm

  • Weight: 6.6 kg Dimensions (case): 440 x 160 x 540 mm

  • Dimensions (tube): 680 x 80 mm


A. Portable case with foam insert

- Spark device in a package with a shoulder strap "CONTROFOIL DETECTOR"

- High voltage handle with connecting cable, length 1.5 m

- Earthing cable, length 20 m

- Test electrode, width 75 mm

- Marking wax crayons, 5 pcs


B. Portable tube with shoulder strap

- Test electrode, width 500 mm

- 2 x extension rod, length 500 mm


Operation of the device is simple and does not require special skills.


By gradually pulling the test electrode over the inspected dry surface, leaks are identified by visual and audible warning.


Sufficient attention must be paid to proper operation and safety at work.


Proper use will prevent damage to the device and injuries.

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